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I told y’all white girls would love “anaconda”. It’s #2 on the hot 100 chart lawd


Actress Kerry Washington referenced the Michael Brown funeral during a pre-show for Monday’s Emmy Awards as an interviewer asked how she felt about becoming the first African American to win the award for outstanding lead actress in a drama category. Washington is nominated for her role in the hit ABC show Scandal.

“This has been a really complicated day for me,” Washington began. “I started the day watching the funeral services for Michael Brown. And so it’s a lot to wrap your head around being an African American in this country right now.”

Washington’s comments come just one day after Common led the audience in a moment of silence for the killing of Brown and the protests that have overtaken the town of Ferguson, Missouri at MTV’s Video Music Awards. “For the past two weeks the eyes of the nation have been on Ferguson, MO the people in fee and St. Louis,” he said. “Every one of out lives matters. Hip hop has always been about truth… hip-hop has always presented a voice for the revolution. I want us all to take a moment of silence for Mike, for peace in our country and the world.”

Earlier on Monday, thousands of mourners filled the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church to pay their respects to the Brown family. Brown was shot and killed on August 9th by officer Darren Wilson.

Source: Igor Volsky for ThinkProgress



Because for every “Laqueesha” there is a “Piper” or somehow a “Pilot Inspektor” #blacknamesarentthatweird


____-_You don’t know how deeply you are intertwined with someone until you try to walk away from them.
m.l. - splitterherzen (via perfect)


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